Tall Unshaven Mistress & Dominatrix Specialising in Erotic Femdom Role-play in East London

My name is Lady Xaste (pronounced Chaste), because I will chasten and chastise you.You will address me as m’Lady.

There are infinite means by which to dominate a male slave. This unshaven Mistress doesn’t just take control of your body, I take control of your mind…with barely a whisper. I am sultry, seductive but yes, sadistic.

In my erotic Femdom role play I can be frighteningly strict. As I tower above you, being in my presence here in east London will knock you to your knees. Whilst you’re all the way down there, you can begin to worship this six foot tall Dominatrix all the way up my long long legs to my divine unshaven femininity. Submitting to me is often a double-edged sword. It is blissful, yet painful. Emotionally painful. Your heart will ache with desire and you will be overwhelmed as you are flooded with feelings you didn’t know you had, or with which you had long lost touch.