London Mistress Bio

Standing sternly with hands on hips in tight grey skirt suit

I am an experienced professional and lifestyle Domme in my early 40’s. I’m an Amazonian 5’10” in my bare feet so 6’3” in my heels, all ready to tower over your slave-like shoulders. I have a 1950’s hourglass figure, fair freckly skin and long red hair. I’m also completely unshaven.

My interest in fetish and domination extends back to the origins of my sexual awakening. I’ve always been drawn to the mysteries of the feminine divine, or the power of the Goddess. I started exploring, and began focusing my powers. It seemed to come quite naturally to me to control men. I have been doing so now for many years it’s just a part of who I am.

There is nothing I like more then taking a fresh new page that is your mind, body and soul and stamping my mark on it, preferably with my 5 inch thigh high boots. Using and abusing you for my pleasure is my speciality, no cruelty too cold, no fantasy too frightening. Give me your deepest darkest desires and I will run all over you with them